About us

I Wore Lipstick was created by make-up artist Justin Tyme with the idea that lipstick is a symbol of equality for so many. "Through out the world billions of people wear lipstick and it means something different to each wearer each time. Some look to lipstick for empowerment, some see it as a cage and others simply just enjoy it.

Humans of every race, religion, sexual orientation and age have and will continue to wear lipstick. It's truly compelling when you think about this one small beauty it, that can mean so much to so many. This one small inanimate item knows nothing of the wearer, to this item all lips are equal. That's how I feel about the entire human race. We are all equal. As a make-up artist I have worked on so many faces, each with a history and a future. When you realize how many life experiences are shared while someone is wearing a lipstick, you can't help but be amazed. So I decided to take the inspiration and ask myself "What could I do for the wearers of lipstick?". Recently gay rights made some major progress, It's an amazing time to be alive and (as a gay man) to have my love be legally recognized is fantastic. Sometimes when light focus' on one cause, others can get might get less attention.

I was inspired by a few interviews and speeches I've heard addressing women's equality and transgender equality" (both groups are wearers of lipstick) and decided to make a nonprofit to promote equality awareness of issues faced by those who wear lipstick. I Wore Lipstick was born!" Justin Tyme